Soccer Cards & Soccer Collectibles

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Soccer Cards and Soccer Collectibles

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Yes, We Accept Credit Cards!

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  2014 Panini WORLD CUP Adrenalyn Card Boxes - All 32 Teams
  2014 Panini WORLD CUP Sticker Boxes and Albums
  2014 Topps Major League Soccer "Blaster" Boxes With 1 Autograph/Box
  2014 Topps ENGLISH PREMIER LEAGUE Boxes & Starter Kits
  2014 Panini CHAMPIONS LEAGUE Card Boxes & Starter Kits
  2014 Panini WORLD CUP Adrenalyn Card Boxes - Road to Brazil 2014
  2014 Panini SPANISH LEAGUE Card Boxes
  2013 Official LIONEL MESSI Card Collection Boxes and Starter Kits
  NEW! MATTED Photos of World Stars & USA Women's Olympic Team
  2012 Panini MANCHESTER UNITED Card Boxes
  2011 Topps GERMAN LEAGUE Card Boxes
  1996 First MLS Cup (1996) - Official Banners (Genuine!)
  Caps/Hats: Huge Selection of National Team Soccer Caps/Hats
  Jerseys: Huge Selection of National Team Soccer Jerseys

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w-letter.gif (1841 bytes)elcome to our site!    We are one of the largest dealers in soccer cards and soccer collectibles in the world.    We carry an extensive inventory of cards, both U.S. and overseas issues, including cards of all of the world's major soccer leagues, the World Cup and women's soccer too.  We also carry other selected soccer collectibles. If you are interested in soccer cards and collectibles, you have come to the right place!

We offer many items, including:

Bg_ball.gif (970 bytes) Complete Sets
Bg_ball.gif (970 bytes) Factory Sealed Boxes
Bg_ball.gif (970 bytes) Individual Insert Cards
Bg_ball.gif (970 bytes) Insert Sets
Bg_ball.gif (970 bytes) Special Commemorative Cards
Bg_ball.gif (970 bytes) Women's Soccer Collectibles
Bg_ball.gif (970 bytes) National and Club Team Soccer Balls
Bg_ball.gif (970 bytes) National Team Soccer Caps/Hats
Bg_ball.gif (970 bytes) National and Club Team Equipment Bags
Bg_ball.gif (970 bytes) National and Club Team Sweatshirts
Bg_ball.gif (970 bytes) National and Club Team Backpacks
Bg_ball.gif (970 bytes) National and Club Team Soccer Card Displays
Bg_ball.gif (970 bytes) Figurines of World Soccer Stars (Starting Lineups)
Bg_ball.gif (970 bytes) English Premier League Bobble Heads
Bg_ball.gif (970 bytes) Soccer Bears (Beanies)
Bg_ball.gif (970 bytes) Miscellaneous Soccer Collectibles
Please use the buttons on the left to browse through our site.  You can also click on one of the links below.
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Just  send us an animated_email_button.gif (6529 bytes) or give us a call at (805) 497-2220.

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